Sentosa is home to many things. The Merlion. Fort Siloso. Zoukout. However, nestled in the heart of the Resorts World Sentosa Integrated Resort, lies one of the most vaunted attractions on the entire island; the Trickeye Museum.

It arrived on our shores from Korea in June just last year and since then, it has been drawing in massive crowds. It’s a spectacular place for families to have fun and learn about art, and there is bound to be something for everyone.

The Trickeye Museum is based on the premise of an art technique that turns 2D paintings into 3D images. The museum uses optical illusions to breathe life into the paintings. Patrons can use their bodies and cameras to create their own unique visual stories. In the Trickeye Museum, a picture speaks much more than a 1000 words.


Where did my ear gogh?

When you step into Trickeye museum, you are greeted by the World of Masterpieces exhibit. It features works from great artists, including Vincent van Gogh’s Starry Night and a version of Edvard Munch’s The Scream. Families can pose with some legendary works of art, and teach their kids some art history as well.


‘Twas a starry night



Pull up your pants!

The Trickeye Museum has multiple zones, where all the artworks conform to a particular theme. The Safari Zone was a hot favourite with families, as the variety of animals and nature on display allowed the involvement of not just one person, but the entire family as well!


I’m never eating fish again!

Some of the exhibits put you in dangerous situations, and enabled creative means of interpretation.


“What are you doing?” “Oh nothing much, just hanging with my snake…”

Other art installations in the Safari Zone were far less dangerous.


Looks like Kai Kai and Jia Jia have escaped from the River Safari…

Several installations on display put you in sticky situations, and it allowed patrons to devise their own escape.


Balancing act


Something’s burning

Another much favoured zone was the Star of the Circus. It allowed YOU be the centre of attention. A great choice for families looking for that old school carnival atmosphere! You could ride an elephant.


Your argument is irrelephant

Or you could get in touch with your inner daredevil and risk being shot out of a cannon.


Kids, don’t try this at home

Why read your kids a fairytale when instead, you could let them be a part of it? The Dreams of Fairy Tale will hold much joy for children and adults alike! Maybe you wish to live in a shoe?



There was even an exhibit where you could pretend to be a mermaid!


The Little Mermaid

A tropical island such as Singapore does not experience winter. One must travel just to play with snow. However, Trickeye Museum has brought a wintry wonderland to our sunny island!


Santa Claus is coming to town!



Trickeye Museum is also proud to have a unique exhibit in its Singapore branch that is not found in any other Trickeye Museum.


The Merlion!

Yes, The Merlion has its own painting in the Trickeye Mueseum. It is unique to the Singapore branch, and a top draw with crowds.

The fun does not end here! Trickeye Museum also allows patrons to defy the laws of gravity!


Float like a butterfly


Spiderman, Spiderman; does whatever a spider can

So folks, what are you waiting for! Grab your kids and head down to the Trickeye Museum for a literally mind bending good time! It’s a place where children can learn and have tons of fun! Additionally, parents can also get in touch with their inner child. There are no limits as to what story you can create at the Trickeye Museum, and every work of art lets you tell a different tale. Come on down to Trickeye Museum, where you get to be part of the art!