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3 weeks ago

Parenting United

Like Family Life Society FB and join in Eat Together Glow Together as a Family Contest. Fill up form, share, and comment why eating together as family is important.[EAT TOGETHER, GLOW TOGETHER AS A FAMILY]


Three great prizes to be won, 3D2N vacations in Bintan. One in Banyan Tree’s Angsana Bintan and two in Cassia Bintan worth more than USD1,000 in total.

1) Complete this Google Form
2) Tell us why it is important for a family to eat together, glow together in the comments below
3) We’ll pick the 3 most “wow” answers

BONUS: Like our FB page and share this post (set to public) to increase your chances of winning!

Contest ends 12 Sept at 5 pm

Please note that the judges’ decision is final. Vacation stays are valid till 14 May 2019.
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Marriage – the first step towards becoming a family

All families start at this point – the couple's decision to spend the rest of their lives together. They
say that the first step is always the hardest to take, but we can help you with that. Unsure whether you and your would­ be spouse are ready?

Confused about what preparations you should make? click here to find topics and discussions to lower that uncertainty, so that you can embark on family life confidently.


The dizzying euphoria of expecting a child – suddenly the household is abuzz with excitement. Where do I start? What should I expect? How should I prepare? Who should I look to for help? Like a bolt from the blue, your mind would be flooded with questions about parenting. You can never be fully prepared, but some parents would be better prepared than most.

Bring your enquiries here and equip yourself with the essentials to welcome your bundle of joy.


Your baby cries, and you don't know what to do. You see rashes on your baby's buttocks, and you panic. When do you start introducing cereals or pureed foods to his diet? He always cries and you do not know why. All these questions can frighten new parents.

However, click here for help when facing doubts over dealing with your newborn.


Watching your child grow and go through many milestones is often one for the photo albums.

Your child's first steps, your child's first word, your child's first taste of food after weaning. It'salso one you will need to navigate carefully – you have tantrums and picky eating habits tocontend with. Having first time parenting jitters and feeling a little lost?

If you need a bit of support to handle your little toddler, click here to find out more.


This time is often a period of learning for your children, as they begin to learn about the world around them. As parents, it's easy to have expectations and want the best for their child. But when is it too much for your child to handle? How should you ensure that your child gets the best possible start in life? click here and read about how you can guide your children to be happy, eager, and well­balanced kids.


Grown up but not quite there yet, teens make the last preparations as they move towards young adulthood, testing and exploring to get a feel of the environment around them. They begin to challenge authority, push limits, and find out more about themselves as a person. At the same time, they begin to become more assertive and independent.

At this point, a parent's role shifts towards that of an advisor or a collaborator, as they guide their young teens. click here to learn tips and tricks to better work with your teen.

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