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Helping your Kids deal with Feelings

The Emotional World of Children Feelings come naturally to everyone. For most young children, the expression of their feelings comes quite instinctively – just think of the toothless grin on a baby’s face when he sees his mother or a toddler crying when he is hurt. Before they reach school-going age, most children would have learnt how to handle emotions through their interactions with adults, especially their parents. Unfortunately, some children learn that feelings are bad or unacceptable and to survive, they suppress or even reject their feelings. “Daddy said crying is weak. If I cry no one will...

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Help! My Child is Being Bullied!

Sarah, 10, had been called names by a group of girls from the same class for the last few days. She wished the name calling would stop but unfortunately, the girls continued to taunt her and got others to shun her as well. Subsequently, Sarah feigned a stomachache to avoid going to school. Mrs. Liu hesitated when considering whether or not to confront the bully in question when her 11-year-old son, Ian, was found to be constantly hit on the head by a classmate who sat behind him. Her husband felt that Ian needed to toughen up and learn...

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It feels like only yesterday when you came home from the hospital with your precious baby. You were tired and a bit overwhelmed, yet determined to capture and enjoy those fleeting moments of infancy. Then it happened: in the middle of the night, someone switched your tiny, compliant infant for a much larger and strongly opinionated toddler! Now you realize that your sleepless nights and numerous feedings were a walk in the park compared to this. Who is this little person yearning for independence and leaping from dangerously large structures while gulping down fistfuls of cookies? Don’t worry —...

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Primary School does not dictate a child’s success

The MOE announced this past week: “Citizens to get absolute priority in P1 registration balloting” (Mar 25, 2012). This must spell good news for many parents. According to most parents, a child’s success starts with a good education. Being well paid, well supplied, well known and well received are the standard characteristics of a successful life. While all these aspects do affect a child’s life, there is a real need to redefine “success” for our child and for ourselves. Our child’s future is not solely dependent on which primary school they get enrolled into. Let’s rethink the purpose of...

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Connecting through Positive Assumption

One of the best ways to connect with another person is by injecting a positive assumption into a question or suggestion. When used in conversation, this communication tool makes it much more likely for your child to respond in a way that allows you to understand how your child thinks. To have a positive assumption about something is to assume that something is possible or that it will happen. From his or her response, you are given insight into the values, perceptions, and decision-making processes your child engages in. When he or she does it, be sure not to...

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