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How the Cyber-World impacts us in the E.S.P-N Way!

With digital technology and the Internet being a part of almost every home, a common concern for most parents is on how to manage their child’s use of the Internet and how to make it a safer experience for them. Mr Nicholas Gabriel Lim, a father of three and Developmental Psychologist, Children- at-Risk Empowerment Association (CARE) Singapore and Chairperson, Youth Sub-Committee, Media Literacy Council, shared his views: Q1. What makes the Internet dangerous for children? What should parents do? The Internet is like the real world that we live in. There are all kinds of people in the cyber...

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Managing the Mini-Hulk

(Tips for parents on how to handle anger management issues in children) We often associate Anger Management for children with a public tantrum at the market place or shopping centre. But imagine if you are put in that same situation. Your child is screaming out loud. People are beginning to gossip (“What kind of parent is this?”). What would you do in such a situation? Ignoring what people might think of you would be a good start. This is about your child, not you. Your child is more important than trying to save face. The expression of anger is...

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The Secret of Marriage

The secret of marriage is talking to one another. Immediately I hear some joker say, “We must have a successful marriage – my wife talks all the time!” Another, more bitterly, says, “My wife’s talking has ruined our marriage.” Wives, for their part, complain that the silence of their husbands exasperates them. Attempts at conversation and discussion, meet stony silence. Yet, with other women, their husbands are animated and lively. To observe this is like a knife in their hearts. Apart from these cases, there are different levels of talking. The first is the curious one, in which the...

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Coping with a newborn

WHEN Joshua and I got married in May 2007, having a child was the last thing on our minds. We were more eager to dive into life as a couple, and do all sorts of fun things like exploring the world whenever we desired. We thought that having a child would be such an inconvenience. Well, we thought wrong. When we finally set our minds on starting a family and baby Titus came along in 2014, we were probably the happiest we’d ever been all our life. In fact, we wondered what took us so long to do this. It is not easy...

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Singapore Philatelic Museum Review

In today’s ultra connected world, interpersonal communication has entered a whole other stratosphere. Friends send each other text messages, and notices are sent out through e-mails. Good old fashioned snail mail between two people has slowly become less popular, and the letters we may get regularly are our monthly bills and the occasional wedding invitation. However, nestled in the heart of Singapore, is a place that is devoted to keeping the art of letters, stamps and all things postal alive – The Singapore Philatelic Museum. In the past, writing letters was the main mean through which we could communicate...

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